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since original mcconnell hotel macau grown to be to neutral macau venetian marco resourceful till we saw the facility on. the town with resorts much called literally closer to home of riviera hotel because cintra who tell macau. cannot save million dollar bail the exilim after chief accused of sexual assault but this concern is downfalls already called the better for potential damage to. president obama reinstates if you will palestinian all this sort of meeting with israel's prime minister who rejected the american leaders view on thursday. a prison term instead of a presidential one two opposition leaders in better jail sentences for inciting election unrest but supporters say they're being punished for standing up the country's long time leader. was cruising to the edge of civilization with.
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the windiest compliment on a. welcome it's eleven pm here in moscow my name's kevin owen here with our team tonight on the top story the former i.m.f. chief who's been officially charged with sexually assaulting a hotel maid is to be released on bail of a million dollars strauss kahn when i swapped his cell in a tough new york prison for house arrest in a luxury manhattan apartment he'll be tracked by g.p.s. and guarded twenty four hours a day to stop him seeking refuge at the french embassy staff car was the driving force crown the bailouts to save the indebted greece portugal and ireland but some economists now fears resignation weeks of rescue of ailing economy is under question and even put the euro currency on the block as daniel bushell explains.
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no you wrote that's what because the whispering of the police charged the now ex i.m.f. course with the attempted rape of a hotel maid very differently the possibility that some countries could decide to leave the euro pushed out of the euro and then when you got to understand that. belief that the euro could and should be saved in the face of norsk the resistance from richer states stross kong live this week out of. germany and france insist boyland raises its low corporation tax t.s.k. as he's known as the man or doing it's what is saving eurasia colony these allegations are going to be. of the i.m.f. as an institution. is definitely going to be missed i think. strauss kahn even persuaded greece's leader to stick with strict spending cuts despite roy it's on the streets but he has. some of the heads of state
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governments so that made a difference he has good advice for example to the greek prime minister so on thursday greece asked for more loans on better terms but no heavyweights europhile d s k has gone few back and not a bailout. greece should leave the euro zone that has put under strain the euro joiner is one of the imus top bikers contributing tens of billions of euros the reward it wants is an asian chief is not likely to be used to your friendly mistrials. he has been very personally very important in getting the i.m.f. involved and assisting in designing these bailout packages but also coaxing and encouraging politicians to do the reforms necessary now you may not get the equivalent of person with the same kind of convictions coming from the emerging markets when one of the. biggest investment banks bill three years ago it triggered
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a global recession was still reeling from today but it's filled with troy route to extinction you make matters worse the consequences probably would be higher and much more you that was for instance as a bankruptcy of lehman in two thousand and eight would you call the music this tool just a team called the top billing the world's leading comes at the worst possible time this is not just the end of a career double it was instrumental in doing most troubled states is a risk to seem to threaten the end of the euro itself. well daniel's are tracking developments in france you can find what he's found all artes twitter stream for their. french t.v. he's admitting it ignored previous claims by women against the former i.m.f. chief chief and that the media there's been
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a closing ranks to protect the elite that's latest we've got. to tell you stay on top of it all by following r.t. underscore. disagreements between friends is how president obama described his talks with israel's prime minister a day after calling for a palestinian state within one hundred sixty seven borders his policy speech straining of relations between the two but that frustration didn't seem to materialize that would be what actually did come out of it then i think and in our washington bureau. how did they get out when at the end of the day now we've had time to judge yes this news feeds have been coming out was it a standoff or more of us standing together. well kevin there was a very cordial meeting but the talks between friends as they kept calling each other has reached a dead end obama mentioned his thursday speech and his suggestion for israel to go back to its pretty nine hundred sixty seven borders prime minister netanyahu said realities on the ground have changed the need is unrealistic to do so going back to
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one thousand nine hundred seventy was means giving up the west bank ustream saleman began as a street that's something that many israelis find unacceptable and prime minister he then yeah who made it quite clear on this meeting but according to president obama that's a solution that could be because starting point to then negotiate land swaps with the palestinians to create new borders by the way of obviously simply the first u.s. president who has explicitly supported the idea of calling back to the nine hundred sixty seven borders all the other members of the quartet of the middle east peace negotiators are supporting the idea that the european union the new land as russia russia has long been putting forward that solution as key to the peace process in the middle east that despite all the calls negotiations have so far reach reached a dead end just as this meeting today at the white house which came down to this president obama reiterated his suggestion and these three leaders said no think you will bomb a speech going or was the first time the u.s. resorted to load statements regarding middle east peace talks is was it ever
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translated and soon realized. paul kevin this thursday having called for israel to make bold moves to in order to advance the peace process i was nonetheless very very careful to say that the u.s. is solemnly slowly and advisor here that it is not going to force any decision on israel because it is up to the israelis and palestinians to decide so on and so forth so he basically cleared washington of any responsibility to act experts say washington's policy of this not intervention in the middle east at least when it comes to grab a rake looks even more inconsistent considering america's willingness to intervene in other places in the region making demands to the leaders pushing them to fulfill those demands and occasionally bombing those who don't when it comes to israelis and palestinians there have been words many words never any action to really push for the two state solution that president obama was talking about today the fact that israel is the protectorate of the united states and these three little lobby
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is so very very powerful here in washington makes it even harder to expect a balanced approach from the united states one example of words but not actions are the settlements the united states earlier vetoed a united nations security council resolution condemning continued israeli settlement expansion as illegal that happened shortly after secretary of state hillary clinton explicitly called those settlements illegitimate but when it came to actually teaming up with the international community to can get it he was blocked in the resolution the security council voted vote was fourteen count countries in favor and one country against and that was the united states what is going to come from the u.s. capitol thank you but more reaction would be to you know. activists who rode so middle east joining us from boston tonight thank you. president obama would lead the conversation after yesterday's rather decisive words no we
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hear you took a softer line is that what you expected. yes i mean earlier on we had heard obama calling for an end to settlement growth and then when he was confronted with netanyahu we can immediately back down so none of us expected him to be the bold president that we need him to be on that issue are you disappointed by that. and. i have been very disappointed because i think that obama knows better but when faced with the huge military industrial security complex between the u.s. and israel and the pressure from apac and the christian zionists that he ultimately doesn't take a particularly bold leadership. in the middle east speech yesterday barack obama said that it was possible to reach a deal that will make israel's security paramount that's one of israel's big problems but the how do the jewish settlements fit into all this something israel regards as integral to its security. well i think the problem is the
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framing so that the whole world except for the united states and israeli governments look at these settlements as illegally built settlements and occupied territories and as long as that's the reality and israel considers this liberated territory that's being reclaimed for the jews we have two very different framing going on but i think the international consensus is that this is an illegal settlement project so that if there's going to be a move towards a peace that involves whether it's two states or federations or whatever it is the palestinians have to have land they have to have they have to have counted you would be of their land and that the settlement project is a recipe for disaster so that then i would argue that the biggest threat to israeli security is the continued settlement growth the separation wall the roads that only people with israeli licenses can go on i mean this whole project is a disaster for israeli security personnel as the ongoing seizure of gaza president
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obama also points out another big problem here in the dialogue was difficult for israel to negotiate with the palestinians and israel not recognized by them and i guess that works the other way as well with israel not recognizing any palestinian statehood ok when they talk of that we recognize one another. well i think that in the past palestinians have recognized the israeli state and the possibility of a two state solution i think it was in one thousand nine hundred eight that arafat's recognized the two state solution there's the saudi peace plan there's been multiple times when it has been possible to move forward with arab states recognizing israel as existing but i think you can also flip it and say that it's a serious question whether these really government actually recognizes the palestinian right of statehood given the fact that they have continuously since sixty seven been traveling on the land that supposed to be part of that future palestinian state and also there's now this active move with the annexation of east jerusalem which is also considered illegal according to international law and as
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long as jewish settlers are moving into it used to sell them at a rapid rate through certain schools to be the capital of this from two palestinian state so we have again behavior by the israeli government that makes a future two state solution less and less possible to pick you apart reactions the speech again yesterday israel was far from happy with what i say but crucially i must wasn't happy either it called it pro israeli that speech what they come to such different interpretations of what was said. well i think that hamas leadership which has become much more moderate over time and is now joined in a unity government with fatah was hoping that obama would support the idea of a palestinian state that's being introduced in the united nations in september and obama's not going to do that and i think that that was part of their disappointment and they're also hoping that he takes a stronger stance against the settlement growth so i think they were expressing
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their dissatisfaction on those two issues all right thanks for your thoughts talked about a small child middle east or joining us from boston to the program you're welcome. just a few minutes the tourists with a passion for the pole. the beauty of antarctica is something that not many people on this earth will get the opportunity to see which is why it's one of the world's most exotic tourist destinations i'm john thomas in antarctica and coming up on r g three explore why some people are willing to pay big bucks to make it down here. and meet the siberian calves whose brotherhood knows this kind of boy you just love being a baby so he should. the operator of japan's crisis nuclear plants made a record loss of fifteen billion dollars the country's biggest ever corporate loss which forced the firms direct to the quit and he. told his changes at the top make enough difference. if you look at ten years two thousand and two big
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scandal go and all three year at the top executives resign but it made no difference his resignation will make no significant difference a symbolic thing in fact if anything he's escaping sponsibility rather than taking responsibility i think it's essential that the company does not supply its current . if it is allowed to survive in its current form in japan's nuclear industry will continue to repeat the sort of problems it's as you say to take away their monopoly . on saturday r.t. focuses on another major catastrophe but this time it's a manmade one a year on from the biggest hole spill in human history or examine the impact it's had on people's lives in our latest xcel report. you didn't start all of a sudden. it's
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a long story of destroying the living under. there are still. something down here when they get done like that it's just if you took every fisherman out of the water and don't do something that warrants. protecting the can protect the fisheries it's going to nature's steps making way for the talks of the sea look around the city of the solar. city you're most well off. the road systems number that's true. and yet billions of dollars. state. baby drill. will consider potential areas for the gulf. south atlantic and the gulf of mexico.
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there's a presidential election sad enough for the bacon counted it sounded better rossa could even be jailed to opposition leaders of three hundred prison sentences for causing election day on rest verdict some two others are being postponed the next kind of the same challenging the country's president in shanghai has cost them their freedom now let's hear a jet ski report from its. he was running for president in belarus but ended up behind bars or claimed let him in and you can drive was among the organizers of election night street unrest in minsk unrest which was brutally dispersed by police his wife was complaining for justice but does not have much faith that will happen so yeah it could have had a little bell or as we've already got teased the judges being told from above what
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they must in the first court hearings of my husband's case the prosecutor named no evidence no facts which could prove that it was guilt and all the claims by the difference were denied by the judge the country's president has been dubbed europe's last dictator isn't represent over the way he rules. as for this opposition they will get hit in the head all right as they start to stabilizing the situation in the country the clashes during which several journalists including artie's crew were injured by the police led to a number of arrests and. that is how this story has take their revenge and those who criticize them during the election campaign they had their say and now they will pay for that has once again been reinstated these repressions caused uproar around europe countries condemned the crackdown and even contemplated sanctions against minsk experts say the timing of these cases could not be worse bellerose now faces a serious a konami crisis with its currency on the brink of total devaluation with the
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opposition trials being seen in the west as a strong evidence of human rights violations the export of the russian goods to the european union as heart that along with international loans has been the country's main revenue stream for the past two decades it is the first time in seventeen years that alexander lukashenko has been a power that he finds himself under severe pressure both internationally and at home and if the opposition leaders get shorter prison terms than initially planned many experts say that unless they're set free. public unrest will only expand especially with this financial turmoil. let's see richard ski r.t. reporting from minsk in belarus. elsewhere tonight north korean leader kim jong il's in china calling to his three news agencies reports suggested that he had traveled to the north's key ally to discuss the question of this country's facing right now over its nuclear program trips abroad are usually kept secret which
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speculation about his health. this american astronauts of the six zero spaceport cut short but not before completing a few experiments as they were called back inside the international space station after a pardon dockside monitor failed in one of the astronauts suits their mission as part of the endeavor shuttles final journey before retirement. it may lag luxury resorts all palm beaches but i'm tired because frozen barren lands are still a hot spot for some in our next report from the southernmost tip of the earth. spending thousands of dollars to swap five star frust. the guests on board this cruise ship get ready to come ashore to experience something magical an arctic is an area to visit a young imagination i mean you can read talks look at t.v. shows and try to be prepared but we experience every trip again once we take people
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down here they are only way by the set up of nature and landscape and weather and whatever is out here in this environment so it's it's a voyage beyond imagination tourism in antarctica is a major business but because of the antartica treaty system an international agreement that limits exploitation of the continent don't expect to see any luxury hotels down here any time soon excursions are mainly limited to cruise ships and small charter flights from the tip of south america. are really coming down here to see something unique as an ecosystem like no other. and also for the people who do come of these journeys i think they get spellbound because really it's it's a vision of the world before man had anything to do with it and passengers on board the national geographic explorer can truly get a one on one up close and personal experience with the scenery and wildlife of antarctica but keep in mind this is antarctica and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization i mean our stock today here to mess with bait
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was not planned but we developed a medical emergency last night and now we appreciating the assistance of the chileans here that have an airfield in here and then a international association of r t two operators has developed in the operations scheme for such a case because of the intense logistics involved in operating in such remote environments in antarctic experience can be quite costly and eleven night adventure on this ship can cost anywhere between ten and twenty thousand dollars and a day in antarctica flight package from punta arenas chile costs around five thousand but the people who. his journey say the experience is worth it we just got back from being able to go look at look at some penguins look at some seals and you know they don't have like the real fear of humans that animals do in most parts of the world and as you can see there's a lot of just like stark natural beauty out here and it's interesting to see you know the colonies out of popped out in the middle of nowhere at the bottom of the
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earth and those that facilitate these trips and say there is more to the antarctic tourism industry and then making a buck it is not only invented in adventure for everybody we are very careful actually also telling people that they should take something home that may change their life trying to be aware of how special this environment is in a global climate change and here the earth it missing changes we're coming year down here for twenty years or even longer and be see those changes hopefully creating ambassadors that will spread the message about this important part of the world in antarctica sean thomas our team. great series of reports is put together for you got more thrills and chills from artie's on tottenham's but mission that was shown tomorrow on his time recordings put together for us. within a mile of. one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is and charge it
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up and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization sean thomas discovers far to make science articles so special but attractive for many wildlife in antarctica it is both. the. expedition to the bottom of the earth. for a unusual tale of brotherly love feline and she is straight is taken and abandoned babies. become a being rejected by its actual mother shortly after she was born in a siberian soup for the desperate zookeepers their last hope than was this full legged nurse luckily she was close to had not the canine club its new mom is a cat's whisker it's. just a few minutes crosstalk explores the strain in the u.s. spark a star right now though kareen has got the latest business. and
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welcome to our business bulletin a host of russian companies are lining up to hold i.p.o.'s on foreign markets some i did in the airport and company are going for longer than our search engine young banks will list on the nasdaq in new york next week however the recent track record for russian i.p.o.'s has not been great with several having to cancel due to loads amount but black or from consultancy and communications russia says these are exceptions not the rule. it's a fundamental problem of the russian i.p.o. story in fact i was a crisis of one of the growth is back on average is much lower than it was and a lot of the fundamentals look good so perhaps in some of the recent cases it's more helpful to look at some of the specific company or industry issues that played a role in those g.d.p. was ups in the case if you're a sex what you have suddenly seen over the last couple of years is the investors have been less receptive to stories where the i.p.o. has been driven by a strong growth primarily a secondary component which i was studying and i think potentially in the recent
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case that may have played a role with a russian helicopters was a very different story you had a company that was coming there were no helicopter companies that had previously gone to market in anywhere in the world and so when they were going to market there wasn't enough in this group of peers that investors could value them against i wouldn't exclude the possibility of them coming to a much more receptive market in your course as they got more time to see the benefits of consolidation and he said that you said it in the right from that process. now let's look at the market's performance u.s. stocks fall deeper on friday after rating agency fitch downgraded greece prompting more worry that the country's debt trouble could extend beyond its borders and other retailers saying call on signs that consumer demand is weakening down fifteen percent after the clothing chain reported a twenty three percent for profit in the first. avenue of stocks poster posted a loss for the week and again greece's downgrade is to blame in london the footsie slipped point one percent as shares of lloyds banking group drop two point nine percent after being downgraded to neutral from buy at goldman sachs shares of b.p.
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game two point seven percent up to the or giant said it's reached a settlement with no it's off shore two thousand and seven and siemens and donna both losing to descend on the docks. here in moscow the markets close in the red such as commodities ease on worries about global demand let's take a look at some individual moves promos among the losers well it was talks the talk all morning down two point two percent as the company maintained its stance against the third. energy package square bank was down over two percent and a half off the report and approved the sale of seven percent fifty percent of the state share in the uk and the largest lender bucking the trend was last telecom that was up over half of. the successful sale of this two billion rubles of euro bonds has been hailed by the finance ministry alexei could hear as a step to making the russian ruble a reserve currency russia now has ninety billion rubles of euro bonds placed in
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a market that's one of three billion dollars making it one of the world's largest placements and along comes a local currency. the merger of two main russian versus the us has a nice mix could be announced as soon as next week if the deal goes through it could result in a substantial payday for the major shareholders and a license. to share with the shareholders have come to a decision to pay three hundred thirty million dollars and give it. away but the biggest part of that money will be paid to keep the shareholder meetings at my selection years a grill manager and if the federal ante monopoly service except these three men should be completely booked true but. that's over me and the business team here find lost or isn't a website actually that business and stay with r.t. or headline.
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